Interior Design Tile Trends Forecast 2020/21

Temza Interior Design & Build Studio attended the Tile Trends Forecast 20/21 presentation from Domus Group in Battersea and have recorded the six upcoming tile trends in residential and commercial interiors to be on the lookout. Jess Piddock has explained the style, origin and type of tile which has increased in popularity and our interior designers are here to share what we have established.

Retro Futuristic

A trend focused on creating sci-fi inspired spaces which are outer-worldly. Retro Futuristic portrays the idea of escapism and producing unique, surreal environments to get away from the norm and enter a fantasized space. The style consists of retro shapes, clean lines, arches spheres, very round and curved forms, adding details with dream-like elements to encourage boundless possibilities.

Regarding the tiles in context, we are seeing quite a bit of slick finishes and using materials such as ceramic glazes, glass mosaics and cold metallics, shifting away from the ‘go-to’ metallics such as bronze and brass.

Spectre – Airy and elegant feel to provide escapism for a classic look.

Our interior designers have noticed iridescent elements have increased in popularity, which is confirmed by this trend as paired intelligently with lighting, we create an illusion and sense of a new galactic space. Wanting your interior design and space to be “The illusion of an infinite sense of depth”, our interior design team consider this trend to be an unlimited source of experimentation.

Galactic Exploration


Speaking of galactic space, we fall conveniently to the next trend which is Galactic Exploration. In interior design, this is highlighting the macro detail and exploration of raw materials which have an appearance of being naturally hacked off. Resembling the deep textures of the moon, and the rugged surface, our interior designers see that within trends its not completely about how new it is, but more how it is being used and the shift of context, which Galactic Exploration leads more into a contemporary approach and perspective.


The interior design style also contains iridescent elements but on more dark and shimmering backgrounds to represent the galaxy and stars. Mirror spheres and mosaics are becoming very popular at the moment and interior designers are seeing more artistic approaches towards the mosaic tiles. In conclusion, you will see glazing on textured surfaces and details which creates a lot of depth and intriguing areas which will definitely be explore by interior design and build studios.


Bloodstone is nicknamed after the mineral heliotrope found beneath the earth surface. This trend was marked and confirmed due to its popularity within the Pantones colour selections, where in recent fashion, red was the demanded and favourited colour. In residential interior design, Bloodstone explored the variations in transparency, where wide ranges of red tones are layered together to create intense and strong products and looks. Many of the trends discussed focus on the texture, and this one isn’t excluded. Our interior designers acknowledge that it is all about focusing on layering reds, the various tones and the surface in order to create very rich spaces.

Today’s age in interior design, we focus a lot of making an impression and believe bolder and stronger compositions is what is essential when posting on Instagram and social media. It is the need to create dramatic products and imagery to compete in the digital age. This trend falls into this dramatic composition and approach, being sophisticated and bold and letting the light enhance its beautiful reflection of tones within layers. In tiling, mosaic again is a prevalent choice, along with the diverse combinations of mixing red, to create that intense and powerful look. Marble also works well with deep red veins, fitting more into the commercial interior design sector.

Mixed classics

Thinking closely of Mixed Classics, our interior designers would say this is less of a breakthrough trend, but, what makes this innovative is how it is used and combining in a way which creates a more contemporary and bolder statement within residential and commercial interior design. Adapting all the classic materials and styles and allowing interior design and build studios to integrate them for a playful and dramatic effect.

Our interior design team agrees it is a trend for the maximalist, but developing into a sophisticated and luxurious approach.

Many examples reference bold and contemporary murals which can mostly be seen as cheesy. Still, it definitely works in this style, where options are endless, combinations are limitless, and mixing and matching materials have never been as fun! Be bold and create a miniature mural as a kitchen splashback and allow your imagination not to stay comfortable of the norm, but creating high contrasts by mixing your kitchen isle to your worktop, for example.

Dark & Light

Dark & Light seems simple to comprehend, right? Using blacks and whites in combination and creating high contrasts. Yes, but the concept, styling and meaning go much more into depth to allow the production of something beautiful and producing luxury interior design. Our interior designers follow this trend and understand that it is not as simple as black and white. More than just monochrome, it is about understanding the wide variety of tones and considering the many layers and texture, for attention to detail. The positive approach of this trend in interior design is you have the freedom to experiment with layers and different perceptions resulting in various tones of the same material used, all with the help of lighting. Sharp angles diffuse light. When everything is in a different angle to each other, you create an incredible interior space which is dynamic, atmospheric and rhythmic.

Tom Dixon does by playing with reflections and showing how tones are demonstrated in different ways due to layers and texture. In tiling, classic examples such as marble work exceptionally well. Our interior designers suggest bolder marbles with deeper veins and having large-scale black and white patterns.

New Age Mysticism

One trend our interior designers were interested in seeing rising its way into the tiling sector. New Age Mysticism explores the hot topic now of acknowledging the well-being and understanding this generations hectic lifestyle of living at a fast pace and technology consumed age. This trend in interior design is the antidote to the anxiety fuelled society. It explores the ‘new age’ colour and mystical-inspired elements with marbling, geometry, specifically pyramids, which has been seen, and crystal stones representing spirituality. In interior design, it is definitely a fantastical and whimsical approach, mixing colourful stones and crystals and layering to intensify the colour and pattern. Our interior design team note it is all about individuality and personality; the curation and styling of this trend are what makes it so powerful.

Apply it in a large format to create hypnotic and stimulating colourful spaces within a commercial interior design or residential interior design with glazed ceramic tiles and tie-dye effects with elaborate stone to identify the pure and mystic forms.

Majority of the trends present are recognised in their pure forms. However, you can have two approaches to one style and create something brand new which differentiates from the rest. If you’d like to visit more of our adventures, then make sure to follow us on Instagram and contact us now!

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