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“Because everyone deserves a bathroom that will never go out of style.”

The bathroom is often only seen as a functional space and is often neglected when it comes to decorating. However, in reality the bathroom is just as important as your bedroom or living room and is a great place to:

– prepare for the day ahead

– relax after a long day at the office

– let your creativity run wild in terms of design (yes, really!)

If you are looking for a relaxing haven with a scented bath lit by a dozen flickering candles or you simply want to get in, get clean, and get to work on time, you deserve a beautiful bathroom with an interior design that will still be relevant in years to come.

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to refurbish and you certainly won’t want to renovate it every year, which means it’s important to think about bathroom design carefully first time around.

1. Clever practical layout – easy to manoeuvre

If you can rearrange the layout of the room, do  – it’s much nicer to see a beautiful freestanding bath or basin when entering the room than the toilet unit. Unless, of course, you want to create a feature out of your toilet; if that is your thing then go for it!

2. Always keep in mind the importance of storage – avoid cluttered surfaces. Instead, display beautiful bottles, soaps and even bathroom-friendly greenery. Use smart integrated storage and custom built storage solutions to maximise the bathroom’s potential. Optimise storage space and  think about functionality: how  you use the space, which products  you use daily, etc. Hidden shelving and niches are a classic way to improve functionality and can also add a stylish touch to your bathroom.

3. Colours – the idea behind a timeless bathroom is to create something that never goes out of style, so choosing a neutral or more traditional colour palette is often a good route to take.Neutral colours also make a good backdrop for colourful, quirky accessories.

4. If you want to stick to a safe bathroom design, go for the monochrome  It’s difficult to go wrong with a black and white bathroom because it’sis contemporary yet traditional and sophisticated. Although it can be perceived as moody and masculine, the style has most definitely a significant impact in today’s interiors. If you’re worried about it looking a bit too moody and masculine, add a bathroom-friendly plant to add a welcoming splash of colour.

5. Seamless design – Seamless design with tileable linear shower drainage. Tileable linear shower drainage allows you to incorporate your tiles into the drain in a custom, high-end design that looks seamless and sophisticated and will stand the test of time.

You can place your linear shower drain against the wall or free-in-the-floor depending on what suits your bathroom.

6. Stylish floor tiles – feature floor tiles, look interesting and unique and are ideal for both small and large bathrooms. Use them to contrast with other styles in the bathroom; Moroccan-type floors look great with traditional/Victorian fixtures, for example.

7. Focal Point – having a statement piece in the bathroom adds a touch of elegance and personality. A freestanding tub is a popular choice and creates a feeling of luxury and relaxation. When searching for the perfect bathtub, there is plenty of choice out there to suit both contemporary and traditional bathroom designs. If you’re looking for something modern you might want to go with a tub with a trendy metallic finish or a beautiful simple shape like this Hudson Reed design from Wayfair.

Or if you’re going for a more traditional/classic bathroom design we love this traditional roll-top bathtub from

A free-standing washstand is another great option for a focal point and because you can see the wall below the washstand it helps to avoid that cramped feeling.

Bathroom interior design with free-standing washstand

Image source Pinterest

Bathroom interior design with free-standing washstand

Image source Pinterest

8. Oversized shower – by installing and oversized shower you can recreate that indulgent spa-like feeling in your own bathroom. There are many options available, from large overhead showers to ones with side jets for a luxurious shower experience.

9. Invest in high quality fittings – an investment worth making-Whether traditional crosshead or minimal mixer, choose the best-quality taps you can afford – they really do make a difference and will look good for years.Although it may seem expensive at the time, choose the best quality taps you can afford. Whether you choose traditional crosshead taps or a minimal mixer tap, investing in them now means that they will look good for years to come.

10. Lighting effects and technology – Lighting has become an important factor in bathroom design, largely thanks to the emergence of LED technology. LED strips can be concealed within decorative wall niches or tucked under joinery to create a warming glow. Try shadow gaps or unique ceiling designs to elevate the lighting in your bathroom and really wow your guests, or keep up with the latest trend with smartphone-controlled mood lighting.

Take a look at some examples of Temza’s timeless family bathrooms to gain some inspiration:

Clifton Hill bathroom – A Victorian Classic

Woodside Avenue – The Private Spa

Netherhall Gardens – Compact and Practical

If you’re feeling inspired by these bathroom design ideas but aren’t sure where to start, Temza are here to help. Our team of experienced interior designers work with you to find the best solutions for you and your home, and can help you to create the luxurious, relaxing bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Give us a call today to take the stress out of interior design, or take a look at our website to find more about our extensive range of services.

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