Our Top Tips for Creating an Illusion of Bigger Space

Who doesn’t enjoy having lots of space or room to spread out in and relax? Bigger rooms make bigger impacts – some of the time – but there’s really nothing wrong with enhancing a smaller room or space to appear larger than it actually is. As a team of leading interior design experts, we know a thing or two about making the most of even the more cramped spaces!

Do you have a small bedroom or living area? Are you keen to create the look of a bigger space without having to pay for expensive extensions? Here are a few fantastic tips you can put into action now to really boost the illusion of extra space across your property.

Mirrors Make a Difference

This is probably one of the best-known ways to transform small to big spaces, but it really is compelling and also intriguing! Putting up a handful of mirrors enables you to see further, and therefore, you are immediately adding the illusion of extra space to your property. You don’t even need to add many mirrors to achieve this effect. This beautiful mirror from Casa Botelho creates a luxurious statement in any room.

What’s more, you could even create this feel with a handful of reflective surfaces. For the maximum illusion, however, our London design team encourages you to use as many mirrors as you like – a grand aesthetic will help give off an amazing atmosphere and illusion that will impress anyone who walks in.

Avoid the Opaque for Visual Space

Visual space, as you may imagine, has a massive impact on size illusion. While it’s a great idea to incorporate mirrors into your interior design, you should also look carefully at the various items, accessories and pieces of furniture already taking up your space. Are many of them opaque or solid? It’s time to focus on transparent materials.

For example, see-through or even translucent material used in ornaments can help to lower the impact on your visual space. The more of this space you have available to the eye, the bigger your room or space is going to appear.

Therefore, why not focus on finding transparent material such as glass? If there is one thing our design and build studio always encourages in this regard, it is cutting down on clutter!

Go Natural

Ever thought about switching up your style? Any self-respecting London interior designer will likely know that natural touches and elements will help to reduce the clutter and impact on your space’s appearance. Natural elements, such as rattan material, can help breathe fresh air into any room.

If you depend too much on artificial material and finishings, you are going to run the risk of overcrowding and over-stimulating your space. What’s more, many modern or artificial products are likely to add to that visual footprint. Choose light, choose natural and airy in your interior design, from floor to ceiling.

Use Your Ceilings!

Speaking of ceilings, an excellent way to enhance the feeling of space in your home, too, is to hang items. Why not set up a few hanging baskets, pendants or ornamental fixtures?

Suspending elements conservatively across a space means that you give your guests more to look at without overcrowding your floor or horizontal space. It’s a really good use of interior London families rely on when they only have tiny rooms to work with.

Sticking with floors and ceilings – what about wall length curtains or drapes? You can use these to extend from the base of your floor right up to the height of your ceiling, meaning that you effectively give off the feeling that your room is much bigger than it appears. This is a great way to maximise both height and length. A bigger space is often easy to come by just by considering that vertical!

Not everyone thinks to make use of that vertical space, and if you manipulate it in the right way, you can certainly make your room seem taller, at least, than it actually is. The best way to do this is with tasteful curtains that help to tie the room together. It’s one of our absolute favourite interior design tips.

Be Smart on Furniture

If there’s one thing that we always recommend as a leading London interior designer, it’s that you should always avoid over-stuffing a room. Are you looking to explore more of the interior design mind? Visit our blog post here!

You can work multiple fixtures to your advantage in some cases, such as with mirrors and transparent ornaments. However, when it comes to large, opaque fittings such as furniture, you are going to need to be extremely careful that you don’t crowd your rooms.

What many people struggle with is negative space. We often see an empty space and feel that we have to fill it! Here at our interior design and build studio, we support the idea of implementing as many smart storage solutions as possible. Try and avoid the compulsion to fill a space if it emerges. Save this room, as it’s going to help create that illusion of a much bigger space.

What’s more, negative space just feels nice! Any interior designer will tell you that space helps to create feelings of relaxation and calm. There’s never any actual need to fill and cram a room full of items. Even if you really want to, you should take care in adding too many ornaments or knick-knacks. You never know how good that extra space is going to feel until you experience it for yourself!

Why Create a Bigger Space?

There are plenty of great reasons why creating that big room illusion makes sense. After all, it costs a lot of money to invest in larger spaces, whether moving home or adding onto your existing building. A London interior designer with plenty of experience will tell you that it’s quick and easy to replicate this feeling with just a few touches.

Are you feeling inspired? Do you want to know more about how a professional London interior design and build studio can help you maximise your spatial potential? Get in touch with the team at TEMZA today, and let’s take a closer look. Dare to Be Different!

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