5 Interior Designer Tips to a Minimalist Interior & Lifestyle

Simplicity, cleanliness, and modern are three words that many love when designing their interior. Everyone is familiar with the terms minimalist and minimalism, an exceptionally popular style for designing your home, especially in London and its busy atmosphere and lifestyle. Suppose you are yearning for the minimalist interior design and you want a change to the more simplistic experience this year. In that case, our interior designers give you the critical top five tips to a minimalist interior and lifestyle. Design the serenity and beauty environment focusing on your textures, colours, furniture, lighting and bespoke solutions.

Minimalist Colours

It is secure to start with the colour palette of this specific interior design style as it consists of the same idea throughout. A minimalist lifestyle usually means clean and light colours. If you are looking to create a simple environment, some colour choices such as purple and red won’t help you achieve this. It will be very contradicting and will also lead you in a different direction, due to the powerful effects of colour on your mood and feelings.

Neutral bases are your go-to when completing a minimalistic interior design—subdued hues such as beige, grey, off-whites and light tans. Evidently, we still want to add that cosy, comforting feel which isn’t too alien or distant; this is where our interior designer number one tip is introduced. Use warm colour accents to fit the minimalist style and still create a cosey and relaxed home environment. Accent colours which are natural or warm are encouraged to add some character to the interior. Ensure they are muted if you are using a bolder colour out of the neutral spectrum.

Cosy Textures & Natural Materials

Our interior designers gave you the breakdown of your colour scheme and what you can look out for when planning your renovation, or updating your existing space. There is not much vibrancy in the colour portion of this interior design style, which is why it is so critical to focus on bringing these elements through texture, pattern and materials. With the same tonal family, you can explore and be more creative with the combination you use.

Let us commence with materials. Natural and sustainable materials are fitting for this design. From wood through to linen, leather and fur, we elevate naturally imperfect materials such as plaster, ceramics and stone. Minimalist interiors want to showcase a natural and healthy lifestyle, hence showcasing this through the materials used when designing our London home. It is less difficult to find suppliers who produce sustainable products as this is the way forward in interior design. As a London interior design company, we work with many suppliers who help immensely with the environment and find friendly solutions for beautiful product design. Vitra is a great representative who focuses on sustainable yet beautifully refined products for your home or business space.

Regarding texture, we want to introduce layers of many homely textures such as sheep rugs, wool blankets, wooden or rattan accessories and more. Visually and physically comforting to create somewhat of a modern cottage style theme for a minimalistic interior space, which is still your place to call home and help relax. Remember, do not go overboard with accessories, it will defeat the whole purpose of a minimalist lifestyle, but do introduce functional pieces which elevate the home.

Impeccable construction of light

You want to highlight the structures and spacious atmosphere of the interior and room. Increase the intersection of minimalist aesthetic and create more open spaces, embracing the natural lighting you have. If you are unlucky when controlling the amount of light to introduce your interior, your lighter palette and scheme is already introduced to help you. It will increase the soft and light aesthetic of your bright space. Receive advice from your interior design company and find a statement lighting which will accentuate your interior, through fixed lighting or beautiful pendants, such as this hand-woven pendant light for a natural touch.

Quality Furniture and Gorgeous Touches

No clutter, no excess, no excuses! A minimalist lifestyle is organised and straightforward, so interior design companies will help you create better storage solutions to hide items that do not need to be on display and smartly discreet. You will be able to live a care-free minimalistic lifestyle, which is beautiful and rewarding through bespoke joinery.

TEMZA Interior design offers bespoke joinery solutions for dressings rooms, wardrobes, vanity units, reception units, commercial spaces, and so much more. More so, we consider the internal lighting, ironmongery, mirrors and decorative features to finalise the room of your dreams. Solution for storing is entirely vital when planning a minimalist interior. Our interior designers are specialised in fitted storage solutions to help you keep your space in order and tidy through intelligent design and high functionality. Our Westminster project utilised many bespoke solutions to create an organised and compact small apartment to fit the client’s routine. Visit our bespoke services now to have a look!

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