Approach the new year with a new look! Whatever your plans are for this year, who doesn’t like the idea and opportunity to make more out of your home and increase its potential, value and comfortability for yourself or rent out?

There are many ways to remodel and reshape your home into something bigger and better. Our London interior designers are here to demonstrate the 2022 interior trends that will help you achieve this! Here are the top interior trends you need to be aware of to increase the value of your home!

Natural Tones and Materials

In 2022, we will see a significant focus on natural materials and raw elements that represents longevity, timelessness and versatility. To replicate exterior surroundings into the home interior design through careful material choices will increase your home value as it is long-lasting and aesthetically engaging, especially when there is a large mixture. Alongside natural materials, most commonly used wood, concrete, stone, rattan etc., natural tones and hues have the same impactful effect when increasing the value of the London home.

A neutral base allows more freedom and creates an opportunity to use luxurious and statement pieces, giving the illusion of a valuable home. If you are someone who still wants to add colour to your London home, why not use an in-demand and new tone Bright Skies by Dulux UK? It’s perfect at is is the Colour of the Year 2022, and it is exceptionally versatile for a residential interior design.

Why is this the perfect trend to start on?

It is timeless and will always last, no matter if you are located in London, around the UK or anywhere else!

Luxurious and selective pieces

Leading into the second 2022 interior trend nicely, a neutral and natural base needs to be enhanced with gorgeous, well-thought statement pieces that will make you go ‘wow’! What do we mean when we say luxurious and selective?
The idea is to celebrate one-of-a-kind finds and pieces. Vintage finds are great as they are unique and instantly increase value. Our interior designers discuss the process of finding antiques and shopping in London here. Find gorgeous items that will enhance your interior, and give it that interest!

Always keep in mind quality over quantity. Take the opportunity to declutter and use the initiative to select pieces that will benefit your interior design. Remember, catch attention and start a conversation from furnishings and accessories which will catch someone’s eyes and not be overshadowed by other items surrounding it.

Multifunctional Design and Versatile Spaces

We are all for intelligent solutions and versatile design! If there is going to be a gamechanger in increasing the value of your home, it is this concept right here. The interior design of your home needs to be acknowledged in the very beginning. We are talking spaces that are moulded for different activities, bespoke solutions for storage and fitted functionality, open spaces, screen dividers and more!

For example, a kitchen island is that beautiful element that allows you to be creatively clever and stylish works as a workstation and a dining area when hosting! Our noted project Wellington House incorporates many of the same principles for versatility and multi-function. Being a London flat in central, the client required a stylish home and environment that reached its maximum potential with space and layout. It is what TEMZA and our London interior designers do best, stylishly intelligent and increasing value!

Curved Forms and Soft edges

2022 we will see a reunion with curved shapes, forms and gentle geometry in the home interior design. Softer forms are more captivating and appealing because they portray elegance, luxury and sophistication. This 2022 interior trend also comes hand in hand with our first point, feeling natural, ergonomic and avoiding hard edges to create a more fluid and aesthetically pleasing interior.

Take advantage of curves forms through mirrors, seating, accessories and headboards. Look how gorgeous this occasional chair is from Liang & Eimil. Perfect in colour and shape, outlining a true sophistication to up that home value!

If you are ready to transform in the new year, there is no point in delaying! Our interior designers based in London are here to increase the value of your home through exceptional interior design services and great concepts! Contact us now for a free consultation!

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