Swap the microwave for a steam oven, and more from the Miele Experience Centre

Swap the microwave for a steam oven

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and for an excellent reason. After all, it’s a space that the entire family uses every day! We are continually expanding our knowledge and keeping on top of the latest trends. Temza’s Interior Design Studio has even discussed the importance of finding that balance when it comes to the Kitchen for our Modern Home Article. With this, our interior designers can share their expertise with clients and help them make informed decisions. Here at Temza London, we understand that appliances play an important part in any kitchen. They need to look great, fit in with the family’s lifestyle and stay within the budget too. So, what better place for the Temza Interior Design team to learn about appliances than in a Miele showroom! As part of our Miele masterclass, we were treated to a delicious 4-course meal, giving us the perfect opportunity to taste test our new knowledge before sharing it with you.

If you are planning your kitchen but lack confidence when it comes to appliances, then we have a few tips for you:

A Range of Colours and Finishes

Style wise, we want our appliances to look good as well as serve a purpose. Thankfully, there is plenty to choose from so you can have some fun with the colours and finishes of your appliances. At Miele you can select black, white or grey finishes to compliment every palette. For a smart and consistent look, use the same brand for on-show appliances. This is less important for built-in fridges and dishwashers, which provides a great opportunity to search for a deal and save.


Choose from black, white, grey or stainless steel fronted appliances at Miele

Choose Steam instead of Microwave

If space is an issue, or you simply don’t need both, try a steam oven instead of a microwave. You may find that you regularly use your microwave and is not something you’ve considered giving up, but if you think about what you use it for, you’ll soon see that a steam oven can make an excellent substitute. An upgrade even! Of course a steam oven can cook but it can also reheat and defrost. It can cook perfect poached or boiled eggs, porridges, cakes, homemade bread, fish and even homemade ice cream. You’ll also benefit from all the advantages of steam cooked food – healthier meals done more quickly! There are only two things the steam oven won’t do – reheat a cup of coffee or make popcorn. So, if you feel you cannot part with your microwave, a good option is to have a budget microwave tucked away in a utility, pantry or cupboard and take it out only when you need it.

Steam Oven Options

If you’ve decided to invest in a steam oven, you’ll find you have two main options – a plumbed steam oven or one with a water tank. The plumbed version is the easier alternative as you won’t have to waste time refilling the water container. The plumbed models are top of the range and designed to last over 20 years so are well worth the investment. This Miele Gourmetstar Countertop Steam Oven complements your existing appliances perfectly.

tasty food from the Miele Experience Centre

Taste testing in action

tasty food from the Miele Experience Centre

Opt for the Right Hob

When it comes to hobs, our interior designers suggest induction over gas. An induction hob can boil water in just 50 seconds whereas a gas hob takes six times longer, making induction much more energy efficient. Just make sure that your pans are compatible. If you’re using an induction hob then you will need metal bottom pans as induction hobs rely on an electromagnetic field to heat the pan. For an even faster heat up time, go for full metal pans. When choosing your pans you can use a fridge magnet to check if the bottom is real metal.

Try This Trick for Keeping Your Induction Hob Clean

A great time-saving tip that our interior designers have learned for a tidy induction hob is to lay a tea towel across the surface of the hob before placing your pan on top. Then remove the tea towel when you’ve finished cooking. The tea towel will catch the splashes and leave your hob looking tip-top!

Who Needs Handles?

If you admire kitchens with sleek finishes and seamless style, then a handleless oven could be the perfect fit for your home interior design project. These minimalist models sit flush with your cabinet fronts and are ideal for contemporary kitchens. This sleek handleless oven with food probe and LED lighting, will certainly complete your kitchen and match your interior design style.

spacious kitchen in black and gold colours

Miele Art-line handless range

Want to Make the Most of Your Miele Appliances?

If you own Miele appliances and like the sound of attending a Miele masterclass yourself, then you are in luck! If you have a minimum of £15,000 worth or at least 8 Miele appliances taking pride of place in your home, you are invited by Miele to attend their masterclass experience as part of their exclusive Connoisseur Club. You will be guided by experts and receive plenty of useful advice on how to get the most out of your appliances, with the chance to taste some delicious recipes too. You can even take a friend to enjoy the experience with. Check out the Miele Connoisseur Club for more details. Follow the interior designer team at Temza Design London and our adventures on Instagram for more exciting events!

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