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Working on a late Regency, early Victorian style listed property in St. John’s Wood, we had the chance to dive deep into this segment of the market and resurface to share with you our best picks! While it is trendy to mix the old with the new, the client wanted to pay homage to the authenticity of the listed building and furnish it in one cohesive style. For your own space, feel free to go wild with the interior design and mix these finds with modern pieces.

Before we start scrutinising suppliers let’s state the obvious: Here, the saying “You get what you pay for” holds more truth than ever. While we considered different price points to provide you with options, keep in mind that a more budget-friendly option isn’t without compromises. As anyone at least a little bit savy probably knows already, the best approach is always to mix and match. Also, It is prioritising the items that are important for you and opting for less expensive pieces elsewhere.

luxury interior design for reception room with fireplace, high quolity furniture and decor

Oficina Inglesa, Mills Console Tables

Another advice in general, if you are planning on furnishing an older property and wanting to keep the spirit of the interior alive, it’s a great idea to use a mixture of antiques and reproductions. Buying antiques is a topic for another blog post which you may read here, but in a nutshell, you have to pay close attention to the quality of anything you buy as restoration and reupholstery can be more than what you bargained for (literally). Also, you might find it hard to get items in the exact sizes that you need, while with new pieces it’s easy to scan the market for something of a specific size to suit a certain space. So let’s get started!

1. Oficina Inglesa

They’re a top of the range supplier selling some antiques as well as a wide range of reproductions (that, in non-interior designer means new pieces of furniture that look like old pieces of furniture). Not only they have 48 wood finishes and countless upholstery fabric options to choose from for every piece, but any piece is customisable. For example, change the size or certain elements to suit your project. There’s lots of cute little details and beautiful ironmongery details to fall in love with and the quality is absolutely exquisite.


interior design for dining room with round table and yellow chairs

Oficina Inglesa, Ivette Dining chairs

2. Mis en Demeure

They’re a French company selling a wide range of very special traditional style furniture pieces and accessories. Again, it’s a top-quality brand. However, we had some difficulties navigating their website as some items you find there aren’t in stock or discontinued, so make sure you double-check before setting your heart on something.

In general, if you are considering these two brands, it might be worth speaking to an Interior Designer on your project. With so many ranges, beautiful items and different finishes to choose from it can be a complex exercise visualising the final picture. Interior Designers can help you take the hassle out of checking stock levels, lead times and delivery schedules with the suppliers.


luxury interior design for reception room with high quality furniture and decor

Mis En Demeure

3. India Jane

They offer a ‘Timeless Elegance’ and indeed their style has an almost colonial, well-travelled, traditional look. They have lovely furniture, but went crazy in the accessories aisle. Temza Design Studio’s favourite is the Victoria and Albert collection “Seagull” cushion. It has a perfect balance between playfulness and elegance that you need for a boy’s bedroom!


antique wooden armchair by India Jane

India Janе

4. Soho Home

You might not think of Soho Home first when picking for a traditionally Victorian house, but give it a chance and you’ll be surprised! They’re a one-stop-shop for anyone who is ready to give a go to the clash of different periods trend I mentioned above. So, even though they are not purely Victorian by any stretch of imagination, you can score lovely items that will work with your scheme and interior design.


interior design for luxury bedroom with comfy bed, free standing bath

Soho Home – Soho House Amsterdam

5. Sweetpea and Willow

They are a more affordable option compared to the previous brands. But, they still have a good range of fabric options for upholstered items and quite many of their items are in stock, so you can cut out long lead times. You have to spend a bit more time looking because there are a variety of styles. Not only traditional, but they definitely with your time!


interior design for white bedroom

Sweetpea and Willow

6. French bedroom company

Mind the name, it is misleading.Firstly, they do sell furniture for every room of the house, and secondly, they have contemporary collections as well. It is not just the classic French lines so that you will find all sorts of romantic and feminine pieces in their collections. Similarly to Sweetpea and Willow, most of the lines are in stock, so, you can enjoy them within a couple of weeks. The only significant difference to note is their upholstered pieces come as on the picture; there’s no option for different fabrics.


light and spacious interior design for bedroom in white colours with unique furniture and decor

If you’d like a little guidance, Temza London explains in detail how we source our furniture to suit your style and interior. On that note, our interior design team wishes you success to create your elegant interior design. So happy shopping!

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