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Striking wallpaper ideas for outstanding bathrooms

Art and design are often lead by technological advancements, and Temza Design Studio has seen many trends emerging in interior design. Some which focus on new materials that are available on the market or new techniques and processes of manufacture. This might not be something you consider when you see your Pinterest flooded with pretty pictures of wallpapered bathrooms, but the fact of the matter is, that we have seen a recent boom on the market of wallpapers that are either water-resistant by nature or can be treated with special sealants to make them suitable for bathrooms.

striking fish wallpapers in the bathroom

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Romantic Fantasies

Often you perceive wallpaper as traditional treatment; therefore, it’s not surprising that it suits heritage style bathrooms exceptionally well. If you are aiming for a tradition style bathroom, our interior designers have the perfect blog post for you. If you are lucky enough to be decorating an old Regency or Victorian house, decorative wall panelling, bucolic floral wallpaper and a freestanding bath is all you need for a stunning bathroom. You can view our interior design team’s Victorian-style bathroom located in Clifton Hill, showing a beautiful example of floral wallpaper! If a tight budget is not your biggest constraint, you can find the most breath-taking silk wallpapers at De Gourney, which is inherently suitable for bathrooms due to its material.

Luxurious wallpapers in the bathroom with green free standing bath

Small Spaces

When it comes to London property, our interior designers know the biggest issue isn’t the budget, but space. Where a spacious, luxurious bathroom isn’t feasible, you can still confidently go for the wallpapered look in your cloakroom. It will no doubt turn a dull little space into a noteworthy if not, outright exciting part of the property. What you want to keep in mind is the size of the pattern! Scaling is critical, and you want to make sure you go for something small enough to still look great in a tiny space.

artistic wallpaper with pink flamingos in the bathroom

Material Palette

When choosing your perfect wallcovering, you need to consider the other finishes that will be present in the bathroom. Some areas are better left tiled, such as inside the shower enclosure. It’s a good starting point to use the colour of the wall tiles and pick a wallpaper with a similar base or pattern colour. You can also use tiling up to half height in the bathroom to serve as a kind of base and make cleaning more accessible, and just wallpaper the upper half of the room. In result, giving a more contemporary approach as oppose to using painted panelling with wallpaper. Our interior designers found a beautiful range of traditional metro tiles at Fired Earth in full colour ranges to make your choices easier.

playful white polkadots wallpapers in the bathroom

Technical Details

As mentioned before, wallpaper is more of a traditional look. However, the ranges are so vast that you can find something suitable even if you have a modern home. Geometric patterns are trendy, and if you are looking, Designer’s Guild will have plenty of choices and colours for you. All you need to do is brush Polyvine on their wallpapers after installation, protecting it from damp and drops. If you prefer classic with a twist, head over to the guys at Devon and Devon! They have a specific range for you dedicated to bathrooms and need special treatment. If you would like to use wallpaper a little less vibrant and bold, Tektura has a lot of neutral textures. Their wallcoverings are fabric-backed vinyl, which is also naturally water-resistant.

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