What is a Design & Build company?

Design & Build companies provide “turn-key solutions” for residential and commercial refurbishments projects. These companies combine both design and construction functions as one team, under one roof. Traditionally, the home or business owner hires an architect or interior designer to develop the full design package and tender document. Then tender documents proceed to go to the bid stage by contacting contractors and selecting the contractor that provides a satisfying delivery and budget quote.

However, Design & Build companies are now increasing in favour as owners are looking for the most straightforward and more reliable approach to manage their construction projects. Here at Temza interior design and build studio, we pride ourselves in delivering a complete design and build services for different commercial and residential spaces in London. We understand the importance of completing a successful project with the help of design and build companies. Here are the top reasons why the design and build process is proving more and more popular and now considered as a requirement for the completion of your dream space.

Before/After – Temza provided Design & Build services in this Residential project in North London

1. Single point of contact:

Having a single point of contact is easier and less hassle to deal with for a home or a business owner. When you are in contact with the designer, you can communicate your concept and ideas to construct a clear vision of your project. The designer will apply all the information received and proceed to liaise with the team and suppliers, gathering any queries or suggestions to report back to the client with a clear idea of a cost-plan, specifically within the construction side of things.

Our interior designers are always here to answer your enquiries. However, if you’d like precise details or have any technical questions regarding the construction of your space, our head team construction manager will be able to explain any solutions to enquiries directly to you or through the main point of contact who is the designer. The benefits of working with a Design & Build company? Everything can be swiftly solved at all stages of the project. Problems are usually resolved faster without the risk of lost communication with those involved.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

The design and build teams are in this together, and they have the same goal – to complete a successful project that exceeds the individual’s expectations.

Communication is critical and having access to communicate under the same roof is a blessing to every residential and commercial project. If dealing with multiple sources, you can get misinformed or unclear guidance of your project’s process or of any problems that may occur. Having a reliable and expert team will give you that extra edge to your dream space and, here at Temza London, we believe that a good relationship with the team and client will drive your project to prosperity.

3. Peace of mind thanks to single accountability:

One entity, the design-builder, is accountable for the entire project, including how the result looks, how much it costs, and how the timescales are planned. When the same group that designs the project also builds the project, much more attention is given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. The costs of all aspects of the project are taken into account early on in the process; all fees, construction costs, utilities, landscaping allowances, and all other costs are considered.

4. Overall cost-savings

Many clients think that the traditional method could save money as they would tender the project to a variety of contractors, waiting for the most competitive quote. However, contractors often run into unforeseen situations that increase the budget. Because the designer and the in-house construction team work together at the design phase to prepare construction cost (materials and labour needed), fees are more precise and more controlled from the start and duration of the project.

5. Faster to deliver and complete

Removing the bid process saves a significant amount of time when delivering your dream space. When working with a design and build company, you allow the opportunity of faster delivery as all works can be completed smoothly, resulting in a smooth and efficient project. Our designers are well-organised and prepared for any circumstances which may occur, and with accessible communication, there should be no reason for delay.

6. Clear and Easy communication

Evidently, communication is the key factor to achieve the interior and space you envision. A Design & Build company will allow you to explain your ideas and concept accurately and entrust us to deliver your vision into reality. Temza Interior design and build studio is successful at this stage as we undertake many approaches to complete your design and build project.

Everything is established from budget to schedule, and we make sure to tick every feature required when completing your project. With all that discussed, you can get peace of mind that your vision is clear to you and our designers, and we proceed with working with our team to make it happen.

The designer is a part of the project during the build part of the project. This helps to minimize any issues or misunderstanding during construction phase. (image: temza.co.uk)

7. Time Savings:

Design & Build companies require excellent project management skills. It involves managing hundreds of timelines that need weekly, if not daily coordination. Design-build creates opportunities for property and business owners to contemplate significant decisions, ask questions, and consider their options. It is unlikely to run into a situation where a query is not answered or attended within 24 hours. The design and build method are highly adaptive and responsive in the field. Although the conventional story is that making changes costs money, that is not necessarily the case in design and build.

Turn-Key solutions is the speciality of Temza, your favourite Residential Interior Designer company in London

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