What is included in a successful London Commercial Interior Design Package?

You’re ready to commence your business chapter in London and want a space which reflects and is the start of a successful and fruitful journey. It is an exciting process, yet also an anxious one as you need to explore the most appropriate commercial interior design and build studio for you and your business. Such as much interior design and build companies, at Temza Interior Design & Build Studio, we offer various interior design packages to fit your requirements and specification. What differentiates us with other interior design and build companies? In this blog post, our commercial interior designers explain what creates a successful London Commercial interior design package and how our services and interior design package will aid your business to success.

What is an interior design package?

If this is the first time you approach commercial interior design and build company, then let our interior designers give you an insight into what you can expect. An interior design package consists of many elements which allow the progress of your renovation or launching of your space. It is custom made and personable to the client according to what was previously discussed and agreed on. At Temza, we follow a procedure to ensure your package is as detailed as possible and fits your specification and requirements completely, with the option of suggestion and additional features when needed or wanted.

When discussing an interior design package for a residential project or commercial project, not everything will be identical as many other priorities are located between the two spaces. As a business, we can identify the importance of particular elements within a commercial area and sector. Such as focusing on branding, the ulterior goal of what the company aims to achieve and making sure your business differentiates from others to stand out and gain popularity. What does Temza Interior Design Studio do to get the perfect interior design package to fit your business? Let’s explore.

Our procedure

Our interior designers receive enquiries majority through our website, but we also have profiles on Houzz and some enquiries through listings. When we receive an enquiry, we proceed with booking a free phone consultation to discuss thoroughly what the project entails and making sure all questions are answered to complete the best proposal for you. Additionally, we send our attached Commercial Interior design brochure so our clients can have an insight into what Temza Interior Design Studio is about and what projects we have completed.

Our interior designers request plans or existing images if available from the client. We discuss the design ideas or what exact level of fit-out you seek, and any queries or questions you may have to us, we will answer and go through what exactly you should expect. Usually, our interior designers up with either a site visit or a meeting with our interior designers in our Central London Office, so we recognise our clients and truly dig deep into what your business and company offers. We believe knowing deeper in the business and our clients will all add advantage to completing a bespoke and most suitably fit interior design package.

What is included in our interior design package?

Our interior design team have established a relationship with the client, and we comprehend what you stand for as well as your key message and goal, now to create the standard design package. Our commercial interior designers include the following as the basic set:

Measured Survey and existing plans. Yes, we request plans to have an insight and idea of the layout, however as a safety precaution, we offer this feature due to the plans might not being accurate and double-checking is usually the safest option to complete your project.

Interior Design Concept presentation and Layouts – We propose layouts including furniture, fittings and possibly extra partitions if needed.

Visualisations- Luckily with advanced software, the client must match the description of the space with a visual idea to confirm if it is desirable or not.

Detailed technical drawings and specifications.

Access to trade only suppliers – if you didn’t know, with the assistance of a commercial interior design company, trade discounts are accessible which will lead to a worthy purchase as oppose to buying directly from the supplier.

Specifications – this includes finishes and furniture for each room or area of the business.

Our extra deliverables add an advantage which differentiates Temza from other interior design and build companies with the access and knowledge of using 3D Laser Scanning elements, to help you visualise and have accurate, precise plans and 3D renders of what your space will be. 3D Laser Scanning captures real-life images and information which is accessible through Point Cloud and allows the production of 2D Drawings and plans and 3D Visualisations of your potential business. Why do our interior designers mention this feature? It becomes beneficial and valuable for the customer to see precisely how their space will look and confirm this is what they are looking for and trying to achieve.

Also, our interior design team value and are proud of our bespoke joinery design services which add that touch of uniqueness to the design of your commercial environment. Creating intelligent solutions for the space of your business and allowing element such as AC systems, security and IT can all be organised in a smart but stylistic manner.

If you are a business looking for a commercial interior design package and are interested in requesting more information about our design and build services, contact us now to book your free consultation and complete the enquiry form on our website at Temza. Our interior designers are always here to assist and help you answer any queries you may have, so make sure to contact us now!

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