modern interior design for spacious reception room with large windows, stylish dark grey furniture and curtains designed by @silentgliss

Ultimate guide to curtains in interiors, what you must consider

Things to consider

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to fitting your new curtains; as interior design specialists we know how important looks are, however it is just as important to consider practicality and functionality too! Luckily our interior designers can provide full support in every aspect of your project to ensure complete satisfaction! Now we’re letting you have a peek into our top tips:

Track or Pole

Choosing the most suitable way to fix your curtains is crucial. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, and our interior designers can offer specialist knowledge to ensure a high-quality track or pole will provide great function while complementing your theme perfectly. Here are some of Temza’s Design Studio favourites:

Recessed ceiling track

Ideal for long floor to ceiling windows, a recessed track allows for an elegant, minimal look. Since the curtain track hides inside the recess, it requires enough void in your ceiling. The design needs to be thought through on the early stage of your project before the ceiling finalizes. If not, this will incur in additional building works and might not even be possible if there isn’t enough void in the ceiling.

However this option is definitely worth exploring for any modern interior designs!

modern interior design for spacious reception room with large windows, stylish dark grey furniture and curtains designed by @silentgliss

Silent Gliss  @silentgliss 

Exposed tracks

If going for a ceiling recess is not an option, simple and exposed tracks can look equally neat! These types of tracks are also prevalent to use on bay windows. They can come curved to fit the space and are easier to install than a curved pole. Not to mention they cost much less then creating a ceiling recess or investing into an curtain pole.

minimal black and white interior design by @officeo_architects Photo by Tim Van de Velde

Belgian Seaside Villa by OOA  @officeo_architects

Photo by Tim Van de Velde

Traditional Pole

Sometimes it’s best to go with what you know. A well-chosen curtain pole can add finesse to a complete room. Besides, it comes in all kinds of plain or intricate designs, meaning there will always be something to suit your room! The cherry on the cake is the finial: this often ball-shaped decoration at either end of the pole will not only make sure the curtain stays on the pole but can add an extra touch of luxury with many finishes and decorative styles. Below you can see what our interior design team used for the Clifton Hill Project near North London.

neutral colour floral curtains in light bedroom, St john's wood, London

Clifton Hill Project @temzalondon 


Curtain tracks are versatile and a favourite for many updating their window dressing, but often we would rather not see! If there is not enough room inside the ceiling for boxing or recessed track, our interior designers suggest a plinth.

A suitable plinth to cover the track will tidy things up and bring more attention to the finished design and beautiful fabrics. Depending on the finish of the plinth itself, it can suit both traditional and modern design. For example, it can be just plain white painted or use as covering in any decorative fabric.

grand and spacious interior design for elegant master bedroom in neutral colours with firepalce, large windows, sand colour curtains in Chelsea LOndon

Uverdale Road Project  @temzalondon 


If you opt for a visible curtain pole, choosing the right curtain heading can transform the look of your window. As a bonus, there are plenty of choices! Here are some of our interior design’s team favourite heading types:

beautiful grey curtains by Harper Collection

The Harper Collection  @harpercollection 

Ripple Fold Drapery – With a simple streamlined look, this heading is ideal for big floor to ceiling windows! They effortlessly elongate the room and make for a clean looking space.

Pinch Pleat Drapery – These are a popular choice in living and dining rooms for an easy luxury look that doesn’t hinder the practicality of the curtain.

Back Tab Drapery – Ideal for creating a real feature window, if you are looking to design something solely decorative that isn’t going to be closed very often.

Convertible Ring Top – For easy and affordable heading, put a ring on it! Convertible ring tops are highly versatile and super easy to open and close!

Euro Pleat Drapery – Inspired by the French pleat, this is a more casual approach to a sleek and voluminous curtain that offers both luxury and practicality.

Grommet Drapery – Simple and effective, grommet drapery offers clean lines and a modern approach to window dressing that still looks great!

Wave Heading – Modern and Airy, Wave headings appear to float below the track or pole, offering an elegant and contemporary finish, ideal for a minimalist space.

Cartridge Heading – A sleek and thrifty alternative to the pinch pleat, Cartridge headings are an affordable way to bring a modern feel to your space.

Curtain Length

While there is no strict rule on how long your curtains should be, anywhere between an inch above the floor to a good couple inches of overhang to drape, can complete the look. Our interior designers believe a slight shorter length will avoid stains and cleaning will be easy. Still, a lot of people prefer the longer styles to ensure complete darkness when closed.

interior design for dining area with lond grey gradient curtains by @romo_fabrics

The Romo Group  @romo_fabrics 

Tie backs

Tiebacks and holdbacks are the finishing touches to any window. They can be there purely for practical use with a plain and understated look, or elaborately designed with colours and tassels. You can even add crystals to bring something extra to your finished window.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking the right tiebacks for your room. What it comes down to is the vibe you’re going for and personal preference every time. Our interior design team works on every aspect of your project to ensure it is personal, and thus, every element is created uniquely to fit your needs.

Marcel Tie back Charcoal @romo_fabrics

Marcel Tie back Charcoal @romo_fabrics 

Bonus tips:

An extremely bright room, say a conservatory, will receive massive amounts of UV exposure overtime. Meaning, any patterned and colourful fabric will fade over the years. Better to go with white/off-white fabric that’s specially treated for UV.

Space is another critical aspect of designing your windows as curtains can protrude by as much as 50 centimetres.
It may depend on the shape of the window, using single or double treatment, the thickness of the fabric, the choice of heading, and using a motorised system. If you have ample room then having two layers of curtains won’t be a problem. However, a right blind and curtain combination can be life-saving when space is lacking! In any case, confirm with your manufacturer/supplier before placing the order, ensuring there are no surprises later.

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